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Backyard Chickens

Your Chicks are Here! Now What?

Your Chicks are Here! Now What?

Bringing home baby chicks can be overwhelming. The first weeks in a chick’s life is a period of rapid growth and development, and chicks require special care during that time. 

During this stage, growth is often used as an indicator of health. Setting your baby chicks up with the proper tools can affect their growth, health and future wellbeing. Here at, we have been raising chicks for more than 100 years. In our resource section, we will outline:

  • What to expect from baby chicks? What’s normal and what's not? Think the “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” version of chick care.
  • How do chicks develop? What do baby chicks need to grow and be healthy? Get helpful tips and tricks to support their growth and future production.
  • What stress and illness do baby chicks face? A strong start leads to a bright future, and we want to provide you the right info so your chicks have a strong start.


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